Thursday, 2 September 2010

Upcoming cups.

Due to the popularity of our cups so far, we will be running 2 this halloween, a 16 man CoD4 cup and a 32 man CSS cup over at

Keep your eyes peeled for updates, news and prizes as we have an up and coming cup with 5 Bigfoot Network cards up for grabs for the first place team, valued at around £60 each - provided by our lovely sponsor, Bigfoot Networks!

So keep tuned!


  1. Sounds awesome. CSS is really getting popular I guess.

  2. It certainly is, the game died down in recent years but the update has brought a LOAD of new players to the scene.

  3. fill up your blog.. its not that big so far.. :)

  4. Yeah I plan on man, I keep the updates coming :)

  5. Mike
    cool name
    first of all
    awesome blog
    will view it daily and participate..hopefully ull do the same

  6. Hahaha, Certainly is ;p

    ty ty and I shall do, trying to get more content up as we speak :)