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Some of my personal all time favourite video game clips.

Here's a few awesome video's I've come across over the years, I know I'm missing plenty of good ones that I've seen and love, the list could go on forever really - and I'm not reposting ones already on my blog.

The content here is pretty varied, and if you wonder why an obvious one might be missing, check the rest of my blog!

Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments section, and share your own favourite gaming clips.

CS 1.6:

Annihilation 2

This video is a collection of frags from all sorts of pro players.

Mousesports 2008 - Ready Willing & Able

The title says it all really, Mousesports infamous line up doing what they do best. Unfortunately recently Cyx died in a car accident on his way home after missing his flight to the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge in Shanghai, China. R.I.P.

3D vs SK

"The best Counter Strike team from the US vs. the best from Sweden end up in 3 overtimes for one of the best matches of all time. Winter 2005 CPL." This is a great clip with plenty of on-location footage as well as in-game, from the height of CS 1.6 in its hay day.

This video REALLY didn't want to embed, so you can watch it here.

Korean Uprising

From the formidable old eSTRO team and their international competitions with their formidable 5.

Sunman's "Shot Heard Around The World"

This epic moment in CS history was in CS 1.5 when Sunman (playing for Zex at the time) was in a 1on1 situation versus Team Complexity. He tried to crouch and defuse the bomb, maybe a fake or legit defuse who knows - but his keyboard was bugging out.

In a rage he ran off and without any direct knowledge of where his opponent was (except an earlier frag onto a teammate) - he no scoped the wall in a desperate, if not random attempt. Luck was on his side as this 2 wall AWP no scope became a pillar in CS history. He defused the bomb, securing the round. I can't find any more info on the match so I'm not sure who won.

Where CS Happens [Where Amazing Happens] by EJA

This is a parody of the NBA commercial "Where Amazing Happens", it features many key moments through-out the evolution of competitive CS from around the world.

You can find the original NBA ad, here.

Moto 1 vs 4 SK-Gaming

Dave 'Moto' Geffon has been a prominent player in US and international 1.6, whether it be playing in WCG, ESWC, CGS, CPL or other large tournaments with oodles of cash prizes. He is featured heavily in the documentary E-@theletes, which follows the rivalry between Team 3D and Team Complexity, following Team 3D all over the world.

Here he can be seen destroying the swedish power house SK Gaming in the pistol round as CT on inferno.

HeatoN - Eco Ace 4Kings

HeatoN from NiP acing 4 Kings all the way back at CPL Winter 2001 on an eco round. For many players they can't think of the song "The One and Only" within remembering this clip. He's the reason EVERYBODY checks that spot now when pushing water on Aztec; He's a legend in his own right.


Fatal1ty vs Aim

The video is self explanatory, and one of the reasons why he is the most successful gamer, both at tournaments, financially and business wise. Extreme dedication pays off.

Stermy vs Weird

Fnatics power house Quake player displaying his awesome aim, game sense, timing and movement skills gained from years of experience.

Quake 3 DeFRaG - DeFRaG World Cup 2008 - trixo

Some crazy timing, memory and all round insane movement skills makes this clip what it is. I can't imagine how many runs it takes to get that perfect.. and then to apply it under pressure in a World Cup.

Event Horizon - Quake 3 Team Tricking Jumping Trilogy

Even more insane movement skills, this time from a team of guys to ensure everything flows as it should with some interesting jumps and stunts.


Stevy - 9 Lives

This is a montage of various LAN and online footage from the UK all star CoD player, Stevy. This clip is action packed and doesn't stop all the way through.

Mintr - Jagged Edge

Mintr spent his time a couple years ago in various well known European teams, before finding his home at fnatic which is the team he was with for most of the content of this clip. The soundtrack and editing just make it so enjoyable.

Acid - RAANARA 0

I love this video for its very different soundtrack from what I would normally expect to hear on a movie like this, and as it was from a very unknown team who sent EU top dogs Team Dignitas home packing at an Eastern European LAN.

Katha - She looked 16

This strangely named entry is of on the most part, quite unknown players and in this sense it is a community movie really. Just because this clip doesn't feature the very best of the best at every turn doesn't take from the clips quality and content in anyway, it shows what a great editor Katha is when he can make something this enjoyable to watch.

Katha - Jailbait

The second in the series of awesomely edited and put together clip with more great visual effects and 3D rendering work.


Devour 1 vs 2

This was an imfamous moment, televised live across the world the pressure was on, with his team being 9-8 up and needing 10 to win, he did so in glorious fashion even after some novice mistakes by his team mates. Making it 10-8 and preventing over time from happening.

Nickn0it 4 Man

Nickn0it from 3D and various other lineups showing his flare and skill with the AWP in the CGS against The Carolina Core in my favourite edit of this moment.

SmithZz vs Team Germany

SmithZz of Verygames (now Redline) displaying his awesome USP skill against Team Germany in the pistol round.

.PhP & WT: The Reason

This movie is a couple years old now, back when .PHP & WT were Esuba's and then later Reasons unstoppable wrecking force, snapping up titles all across Europe and coming in the top 3 in nearly every event they attended.

Dement - Unknown Heights

Another great community trick jump video, this time choreographed on CSS!


Intel Extreme Masters Moment of the Season

Orangemarmalade is the best mage I have ever seen in PVP. Here he brings back his team HON from the brink of losing the IEM World Finals against SK Gaming. After this they power on to win the finals and net themselves $30,000.

IEM Global Finals - Orange 1 v 2 kill explained

This is the same clip as above, except explained in detail how he managed to pull of so much damage and play his class as well as he did.

Wooo! I know this was a long list, thanks for getting this far! Even if you didn't watch every clip (you should do though!), If you liked this then I'm sure you'd love E-@thletes and Frag. They're both extremely well made and interesting documentaries.

Again, thanks for reading!

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