Wednesday, 15 September 2010

3 short CS:S clips

These are 3 little clips made of me playing CS:S competitively that have been made over the last couple years. I have farrr more really good quality demo's (the recording file from the game) that somebody could edit, I just can't really find someone too.

I could probably pester my friend who edited the last 2, but nevermind, enjoy!

Remember to change quality to 720p.

1v5, AWP on de_cpl_mill.

Pistol round on de_nuke.

Short de_nuke compilation from 1 game at i37.

Please let me know what you think, and leave your comments below.

By the way, in the last clip the majority of the kills were scoped, but my friend decided to remove the frames from the clip where I was scoped :/

Anyway thanks for taking your time to watch!


  1. tis indeed a good game Barnacle, this was from when CSS was thriving in the UK over 1.6 :]

  2. 1.6 forever and after. Hate source.

  3. Id still kick your arse quirky =D

  4. I do love 1.6, it was just source was the at its prime when I started playing games competitively, I'm a youngun! I play 1.6 to this day though.

    And christo don't make me bring quake up ;D

  5. i also use 1.6 but i think source has an advantage in graphics.

  6. cool! supportin bro :)

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  7. Love CS:S, haven't played in forever.
    What kind of editing were you looking for? I'm about to graduate college for Film, in case you were looking for help =]
    Showing some supp, keep it up!

  8. different strokes for different folks, aye :3

  9. Ahh i cant play CS, i tried it a while ago but i just think that the call of duty series is just so much better ^_^.
    Awsome clips tho.

  10. I thought that list clip looked a little funny lol. cool stuff.

  11. Nostalgic lol. Maybe I should pick this up again.