Thursday, 9 September 2010

Freddie Wong

As it turns out the guy in the Rocket Jump video makes tons of videos, just like that one.

Below is my favorite.

And heres how he made it.

Be sure to check out his youtube channel, he has tons of other videos, with behind the scenes clips, tips and info on using after effects and the other methods that he uses to make his videos.

I actually found his channel from the steam recent news space on Counter Strike 1.6, from which this video was featured - pretty relevant I think!

Much love!


  1. This guy makes AMAZING youtube videos, damn!

  2. Interesting, can't wait to hear more.

  3. jus showing my daily support bro, loved the rocket jump video btw. gotta check these new ones out...

  4. cool vids, ive seen em before but i always get a laugh from this!

  5. that is such a tight video, nice share! following

  6. So I guess you saw the rocket jump one first. Been following Freddie a long time, he is awesome.

  7. Thats pretty cool. A nice look at how to do some professional quality effects and video editing.