Thursday, 2 September 2010

Fifa Squad Join Psycotic.

With our growing XBox 360 team we are proud to announce our new Fifa squad.

The team composes of:

Nicky 'DeadBeat' Morgan
Luke 'CooLio' Buller

Here is what Nicky and Luke had to say;

Nicky: "Im am very happy about joining Psycotic as they are a amazing lot of people to play and be friendly with and can't wait to start proving myself and making Psycotic a known Fifa Team in the gaming world.

I would like to thank The Psycotic Team for giving me this chance."

Luke: "I'm very pleased that Psycotic have taken me on as a Fifa player. I like the players and staff in Psycotic and i hope i can prove myself in upcoming tournaments and events and get Psycotic's name out there."

Both players are good friends in real life and live in close proximity to each other, Nicky bagged himself £200 recently in a local Fifa tournament and they both hope to prove their skills online and off with their years of Fifa experience.

Welcome to the team.

~ Mike


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