Monday, 6 September 2010

Just throwing some controversy out there...

So go on, which one and why?


  1. Oh man, brace for shitstorm. lol
    Answer-360 simply cause'!
    ps3 has no game.

    Your blog is relevant to my interests dude.
    Showing love.
    Supporting, following, clicking.

  2. the ps3 looks awesome and now its hackable for backup games and transferring it to ur friends .
    why not x360 uh ...because i got a pc that why and it's more fun because of it's performance and i can plug a 360controller in it

  3. why do they call it hte 360? cause hwen you see it youll turn 360 degrees and walk away lmao

  4. PS3 , it is awesome :D and it got hacked now x)

  5. i want ps3 simply for free online =/ but i hear sony wana charge noa?!