Tuesday, 26 October 2010

My Absense Explained

First off, I apologise for leaving you all without a post for so long, and secondly.. Well I'll get onto that in a moment.

This weekend I've been busy with a few things, shopping, spending time with the girlfriend and the usual lifely tasks. However the free time I had around these was quickly eaten up by a little plague (or my new love, rather) that bit me a few days ago. This plague is MINECRAFT... Never.. Ever.. EVER play this game. And by this of course I mean play it, play it now, oh god play it so bad.

What is Minecraft I hear you say? Well for those of you actually reading this, (because you're not playing Minecraft..) In which case I'll assume you live under a virtual rock or oh say.. Are a normal human being. Let me give you a quick explanation with a little fan-made trailer I found:

(I could post tons of these, but in the side video's you'll find endless supplies of Minecraft wonder to discover for yourself.. Infact I'll leave you with 1 other video, this time full of pant-crapping pixelated terror. Don't watch it, don't research it, don't do it, look away now, close this window and never look back. ARE YOU LISTENING TO WHAT I'M SAYING TO YOU?! Cuteness, below.

This cute little pixel-art world is the creation of the Swedish now E-God "Notch" and is currently in its Alpha stage. The landscape is rendered completely new each time you start the game, the general idea is to craft and survive. Oh and if you're worried about the scale of the game being small.. The game can render an area the size of 8 times the surface of planet earth, and every time its completely new and random.

I am not the only one loving the creation of this instant indie classic, the game has now been purchased nearly half a Million times already. Two corner posts of gaming; Steam and PC Gamer magazine are even feeling the mighty wrath of the Minecraft plague themselves. The latter have all kinds of articles popping up about the game all the time and the man behind the intertubes himself, too.

PC Gamer magazine are such big fans, they made him a joke magazine cover and sent it to him in the post which he now has framed on his wall!

I am not being biased when I big this game up, I'm just being honest. If plundering the earth and building all sorts in singleplayer's survival mode till you're eyes bleed or until you FINALLY declare you've had enough of it, then perhaps the multiplayer online Indev mode which allows you to create anything, with unlimited possibilities, with your friends with unlimited possibilities is more to your taste? No.. Oh.. Well I guess you'd rather just grief the hell out of everybody and their precious building projects? Well, you can do that too.

The possibilities aren't endless as such... well yeah actually, I guess they kind of are if you have the time, resources and required level of autism dedication then you can achieve anything in the game. A quick youtube search and you'll know what I mean. TNT cannons that fire pigs into space.. Or a full size replica of the Starship Enterprise, a BIG river, a music video for your favourite song. Or maybe even a model of The Earth? Perhaps a big ditch, instead. The list could go on, forever.


(Click to enlarge.)
Its funny because its true. "It's everything" might have been a more appropriate caption, but the brutal truth is even better.
Also if I forgot to mention it; Get this game. Oh yeah, and it's only €9.95 - for a limited time only. It will be €14.95 once it goes into beta, then €19.95 when it goes into full release, so snag a bargain and start enjoying it now. Although it certainly deserves its full price, and more in my opinion.

Please, please, please, if you're going to get this game - don't torrent this. This guy deserves all the money he gets for his hard work, and supporting an indie developer like this encourages creativity and originality, rather than re-hashed rubbish like I mentioned in my last post!

On another note I'm currently on my college 1 week half-term holiday, and as a strange surprise to the way my holidays usually go, I am quite a busy bunny doing all sorts, and this is made 10 fold worse by Minecraft.. I think I'm getting it out of my system now though! At least to a degree ;).

With a few cool planned days coming up, a Halloween party and some college work I will force myself to chew through, I'm certainly not short of stuff to do. However I will still make sure to pop by and make a few posts when I can.

Assuming I get my Bigfoot Networks' Killer 2100 sometime soon then you should have a review to read by the end of this week, and if so, then stay tuned to read that.. and if not, read anyway!


  1. I understand life > blogging.And yes minecraft is so addictive!

  2. Minecraft is the drug of the 2010, lol

  3. Sweet jesus that video :|

    Also, Minecraft stole my life. It is like cocaine for gamers.

  4. I went on the Minecraft site.. edited this post, then refreshed the page about a minute or so later, and the game had been bought exactly another 20 times. Just wow.

  5. That video scared the living hell out of me O.o

  6. Life is more important then blogging.....and I still refuse to play Minecraft! lol

  7. mindcraft: 2 wood, 1 iron = shovel

  8. Damn you minecraft. So many hours wasted, only to mine diamonds and make moats from lava.

  9. After a couple of hours, I was pretty much done with minecraft.

  10. fuck that video was scary.
    so notch finally implemented the Creepypasta thing for halloween (you know that story about the dead guy) or is it fanmade?

  11. Not sure richie, but i'm sure he will implement some sort of easter egg or a very rare event etc.

  12. looks like everyone has been taking some time off from blogging lately. its cool though, welcome back

  13. seems like everyone is going crazy for mine craft...