Sunday, 29 August 2010

DSRack Announce New Line-up

The organisation announced the new line-up, mixing players from puta, recently qualified for the WCG Denmark Finals.

The Danish line-up will be composed by 3 former players of the former Ministry of Defence, more respectively, Christian "Nissos" Øhrstrøm, Nabil "BULI" Rachid and Sune "crZy" Hansen.

Joining the trio will be Oliver "DON OLIVER" Sonne and Bjørn "carat" Olesen, this last that is a former FEARME player.

This line-up won't be attending the WCG Denmark Finals, as they couldn't make it on time, although, the team will be in action with stand-ins.

Sune "crZy" Hanse, team member, told
First of all it feels great to be back! We are glad to join the ranks of DSRack, my former home and im glad to be back under the wings of Thomas 'qdk' Hjorth. We will be attending most upcoming events thanks to our new sponsor

DSRack Line-up is:
Christian "Nissos" Øhrstrøm
Nabil "BULI" Rachid
Sune "crZy" Hansen
Oliver "DON OLIVER" Sonne
Bjørn "carat" Olesen

But, as said above, this roster won't be attending WCG Denmark.
The line-up for WCG Denmark will be:
Simon "crapzn" Ørslund
Daniel "dalle" Kjersgaard
Mikkel "ptn" Sørensen
Sune "crZy" Hansen
Oliver "DON OLIVER" Sonne

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